Entertaient at its best with Real Actions

Hi All

if you want to be entertained by Real Actions feel free to contact us on:Email-realactions@gmail.com or call Sello Modiga on 076 4710 379 or Pele Gae on 076 746 7590.

Be part of the Actions family….


About Real Actions Pantsula

REAL ACTIONS is a pantsula dance group from Orange Farm Extension 4. It was established in 1992 by Sello Reuben Modiga with the aim of building innovative and creative minds through dance after realizing that there is so much talent amongst the youth of Orange Farm. Currently the group is working with 30 young and talented teenagers around the community,and also we have traveling expiriance Provincial,National and International. 1.1 Vision To make our organization a proud institution that shines out as one that will contribute in making South Africa a working nation with a sense of African pride, locally and internationally. We would like to form a Mapantsula group in our neighboring states like Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Mozambique. To help build the youth into future leaders for the next generation that will restore our cultural heritage. To develop young community leaders who can be role models to their peers. 1.2 MISSION To bring more Pantsula dance and programmes around South Africa for growth of the arts, culture and heritage in the community and also by making a difference to the lives of South African youth. 1.3 ORGANISATION COMMITMENT To conduct influential events and workshops that will teach or promote health issues. To share more light on traditional practices and values while promoting unity and pride among South Africa youth. To encourage more career and entrepreneur driven projects with the South Africans. Market and promote the municipality as the tourist and investment attraction. Assist in developing local tourism entrepreneurs and small businesses. 4.1 DEMOGRAPHICS Age- 9 to 35 Race- All nations
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